Bar Fowlers

Fowlers bar está abierto desde las 19h. cada día, ya sea para tomarse un aperitivo antes de cenar o la copa de después.

La única decision que tendrá que tomar es si disfrutar de una cervecita española muy fría, una copita de cava bien fresquita o un Gin & Tonic de nuestra amplia selección de ginebras. O quizá quiera ver nuestra carta de cócteles y saborear uno de nuestros mojitos, un cóctel de champán, o incluso un dry martini, agitado no mezclado. Mientras le preparan su bebida, puede sentarse y disfrutar de los últimos rayos de sol que se pone sobre el Puerto. Sea cual sea su decisión, nuestro objetivo es que tengan una noche memorable.

Para acompañar su copa, habrá una espléndida selección de música abarcando desde las clásicas melodías de Verdi, Mozart o Beethoven, o los relajantes sonidos del Café del Mar hasta algo más moderno como Enya o Adele. Si tiene suerte, puede que disfrute de música en vivo en nuestro piano de cola de nuestros músicos locales o de nuestros clientes músicos.

Algunos comentarios dejados por nuestros clientes

«My favorite part of Cala d’Or is in the pine shaded area of quiet residential bumpy roads, centering on a whitewashed church and a strangely deserted square with a fig tree, which lies between the Marina and the Cala d’Or beach. If you follow the Marina as far as it will go, on the town side, turn left up the hill, then second on the right you will find Cala d’Or’s answer to Abaco, Fowlers Bar.

An English couple, the Fowlers, have decorated their house in fine baroque style, all gilt mirrors and marble and oil paintings, with flowers and fruit spilling out of every aperture, and real fires in the fireplace if ever the evening should turn chill. The terrace has one of the best views in the town. Their formula is very similar to the famous Abaco, drinks and nothing but drinks, after 7 pm, served in great style.

Their list of cocktails, «long cool summer drinks served in a mist of crushed ice from 7,50 euros» covers two large green pages, all the old favorites plus many others based on fresh fruit.

The owner is a pianist and music features at some stage of the evening, either she will play or visiting musicians, amateur or professional, will be persuaded to sit down at the grand piano. On a hot summer night, who wants to go to bed with such civilised delights as these as an alternative!»

Patricia Fenn (author) written in the early 1990’s.



«Fantastic place, great bar, relaxed atmosphere, the best cocktails around and Alex as hospitable, charming and friendly»

«I would recommend that you visit this «Cocktail Haven»

«The bar area is wonderfully eccentric and full of antique furniture, paintings and old ornaments.»

«We had a drink in the lovely bar with a beautiful terrace overlooking the marina»

«We had Champagne cocktails, which I must say, was one of the best cocktails ever»

«Seven of us went there for cocktails and my wife and I were blown away by the experience»